About River Cities Software

River Cities Software computer systems have been in use since 1983.  The most current version of the software is designed to take advantage of the industry standard Windows Operating System.  This version offers the convenience of the latest in operating systems, programming languages, and database design and implementation.

Completely re-designed for flexibility and speed using the most up-to-date programming language.  No legacy code or costly add-ons are required to operate under Windows.  New Technologies in software and hardware can be added quickly and easily to your system to keep the most current features working for your business.

The software is so thorough it tracks and reports on virtually every facet of your business while meeting your accounting requirements.  It is fully integrated for timely interdepartmental information sharing.  Helping you meet your customer’s needs and get a jump on your competition is our goal.

The software is a proven system for helping you, the small business owner, get control of your profit and productivity issues.

With our open database design, you can easily control and manipulate YOUR data.  You are not limited only to the available programmed reporting.  Data is transportable to and from Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word.

Programmed in Visual Basic the software works with a variety of computer system under a Windows front end on each station.  The back end uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database.  You can elect to purchase your hardware from us, or we offer system design consultation.

River Cities Software is a full-service software provider offering:

  • Systems analysis and consultation
  • Data conversion
  • Training and Support
  • Efficiency planning
  • Financial ledger Chart of Accounts setup

We want to ensure that you receive the best, most cost-effective system that allows for expansion as your business grows.

Software designed specifically for your business to provide you with the KNOWLEDGE necessary to better manage your Small Business.  KNOWLEDGE IS CONTROL. CONTROL EARNS GREATER PROFIT.