Accounting Package

Do you have any of these questions in managing your business?

  • Are you losing sales from your customers because you do not have stock?
  • Are items drop shipped from suppliers not being invoiced to your customers?
  • Are special order items costed correctly?
  • Do you want to add a bar code solution for managing inventory?
  • Do you have inventory with serial numbers?
  • Do you need to accept or pay in foreign currencies?
  • Would your customers like only one invoice combining all the orders, service calls, or contracts for the month?
  • Do a lot of your customers have different prices for the same items?

The Accounting Package can help answer these and more.

The accounting package includes the following features

  • Accounts Receivable Including Invoicing and Drop Shipments
  • Inventory for parts, supplies (OEM  and compatible), and serialized equipment for single or multiple warehouses
  • Financial Reporting including operating statement, balance sheet, and comparisons
  • Accounts Payable including credit card management
  • Purchase Order with alternate supplier part numbers and stock management
  • Snapshots, Dashboards, and Analysis to give you instant information about your business
  • Payroll with employee absence management
  • Bar Coding for inventory count management of your warehouses
  • Sales Prospecting and Team Management including sales campaigns, statistics, email newsletters, forecasting, and sales funnel management