Do you have any of these questions in managing your manufacturing business?

  • What is the true cost for the manufactured item?
  • How much time does it take to manufacture an item?
  • What is the time for each step of the process?
  • Where are the bottlenecks and holdups in the manufacturing process?
  • What is my defect rate and why?
  • Are certain components used causing the defects?

The Manufacturing Package can help answer these and more.

The manufacturing package includes the following features:

  • Manufacturing, remanufacturing, and refurbish management including detail cost analysis for finished goods with labor and components
  • Manufacturing analysis of technician time
  • Defect analysis with analysis by type of defect, item, technician, component vendor, and customer
  • Accounts Payable including credit card management
  • Inventory for finished goods, components, and cores
  • Purchase Order with alternate supplier part numbers and stock management
  • Bar Coding for inventory count management of your components and finished goods
  • Finished goods needs forecasting with production sheets and calendar

Interface with River Cities accounting, Quickbooks®, or stand alone without an accounting package.