Equipment Leasing

The equipment leasing package includes the following features.

  • Multiple leases per customerLease can include service.
  • Service part of lease can be invoiced on a per page/click with minimums.
  • Asset tracking with depreciationPay commissions to vendors on lease payments and service.
  • Built in CRM and Sales Prospecting with email marketing.

Maintaining your lease portfolio is a must for cash flow and invoicing in a timely manner.

Invoice customers monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, tri-annually, semi-annually, and annually.

The lease can include a service portion.  The service portion can be invoiced on the same or different frequencies from the lease portion.  Service invoicing can be calculated on a per click/page count basis.

After the lease term has ended, either continue with the lease payments, invoice a buyout to the customer or pickup the equipment.  The equipment is available for sale to another dealer or customer.

Commissions can be paid to a vendor for each lease payment and/or service payments.  Commissions for service can be calculated on a per click/page count basis.  Commissions are automatically added to the Accounts Payable system when you are paid by your customer.

Leases can be for multiple pieces of equipment.

Multiple leases can be combined on one invoice to your customer.

Depreciation and amortization:

Each lease can be depreciated and post depreciation expense to the general ledger system.

Lease amortization is calculated and easily displayed.

The Lease expiration report is used to print a list of leases due to expire.

Other features:

Invoice customers for property taxes, filing fees, and any other fees.

Invoice for returned equipment.

Maintain insurance information about each lease.

Leases can be operating leases or financing leases.

Use specific leases as collateral for financing or floor planning.  When you are paid, a payment can be scheduled to be made on the loan.