Service/Contract Billing

Do you have any of these questions in managing your service business?

  • Am I making money?
  • What is my true cost to service a customer, model,  or contract?
  • Is my service department running as efficiently as possible?
  • Is my per page/per click rate profitable?
  • Do you need to combine color, black, and/or scan clicks from multiple machines or customers into one invoice with a minimum billing?
  • Do you need to maintain the supply inventory located at your large customers

The Service Package can help answer these and more

The service package includes the following features for managing your service department:

  • Service department management including dispatching techs, completing calls, 3rd party service calls, technician car stock, and detailed service histories by customer and serial number.
  • Inventory for parts, supplies (OEM and compatible), and serialized equipment.
  • Service department Snapshots, Dashboards, and Analysis to give you instant information about your service department.
  • Contract billing, including copy clicks and page counts which can be combined in any combination.
  • Multiple meters with meter requests by fax or email as well as import from MPS systems such as PrintFleet, FmAudit, Canon, Labrador, and more.
  • Customer summary reports which can be exported to excel for your customers .
  • Purchase Order with alternate supplier part numbers and stock management.
  • Street level mapping for customer and machine lookup and business intelligence analysis.
  • Text messaging for instant communication with your technicians.  Messages can be sent both in free form or service call information format
  • Bar Coding for inventory count management of technicians.
  • Sales Prospecting and Team Management including sales campaigns, statistics, email newsletters, forecasting, and sales funnel management.

The manager’s console will display information in a graphic format. Easily see contract billing and service history statistics. These statistics are updated when your daily processing is performed, giving you up-to- the minute information.

The contract analyzer is used to analyze contracts. The screen will show a graph detailing costs, sales, and profit. The detail used to calculate the graph is readily displayed. A list can be calculated by contract type, model, expiration dates, and profit margins. Each piece of equipment on the list can then be analyzed. You can even change the billing amounts for the contract from the manager console.

By using the contract analyzer, your actual supply yields are easily calculated. The calculated yields can be updated into contract billing at the touch of a button.

Analysis and graphs for calls, technician time, models serviced, and contract types.

The yearly average number of calls, parts cost, and repair time for each model can be calculated. The costs for each year of life (one to five years) will be displayed. This information is also calculated on the volume size of the model. Using this calculation, you can even price your service contracts, detailing base charges, excess copy charges, and allowances.

The system prints a Population Report showing the number of machines for each contract type, or grouped by contract type for each machine model.

Password protected technician base rates can be used to determine machine profitability on the Profit Analysis Report.

The Customer Analysis report will detail the revenue and cost of service contracts and supplies as well as gross profit and profit margin for each customer.

The system provides a great deal of information such as detailed/average technician response and repair time, customer and contract profitability, which gives you control of your service department.

Profit analysis and warranty return credits.

Track the manufacturer warranty expiration date on each machine. This ensures proper credit by the manufacturer for warranty replacement, eliminating lost revenue.

The Warranty Report will show serialized items which are eligible for credit return due to failure during manufacturer’s warranty period, either by elapsed time or meter clicks, allowing you to take advantage of manufacturer’s credits.

The Profit Analysis Report prints the profit for each machine by model and/or contract type, or technician. The report gives totals for average and per copy profit. Labor, inventory, other costs, revenue, profit, and gross margin percentage are also included.

Interface to River Cities Accounting, Quickbooks®, or stand alone without an accounting package.