Contract Billing

The Imaging Technology industry is unlike any other type of sales and service business when it comes to the area of service contracts, rentals, and meter billings. This is a special, in-depth need, that must be addressed in a comprehensive, integrated software package. This billing module has the critical ability to interface with all other areas within the software to produce detailed cost, revenue, and profitability analysis.

Flexibility to meet your contract needs

Multi-level Base and Excess frequencies for billings as defined by the user.

Supports up to  five levels of per copy (or page count) charges as defined by the user and does automatic calculation of charges at the different copy level breaks.

Supports monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annually, semi-annually, annually, and yearly either or (1 through 9 years) contract billing.

Rentals and contracts may expire by date and/or meter clicks. Advanced billing helps increase cash flow.

The software is designed to bill rentals and service contracts with or without excess copy charges. The combination of billing criteria is almost limitless. The system will bill contracts monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly (can be calendar or non-calendar quarters), quarterly advanced by one or two months, semiannually, annually (these are usually one year contracts with excess copy charges), or yearly for up to nine years.

Does complete billings for Base and/or Excess meter click charges.

Supports flexible, user defined, multilevel excess copy charges which may be set by individual machine.

Invoices can also be printed in arrears to satisfy government invoicing requirements.

Invoices may be generated at any time throughout the month. Any machine may be on a different base and/or excess frequency billing. It’s no longer necessary to work endless hours verifying customer files and calculating copy charges in order to get your invoices done at month-end. All you do is enter the meter readings and print the invoices. The verification and calculation is made for you, allowing you to increase and stabilize your cash flow by producing invoices all through the month.

Invoices for time based contracts.  For example, your customer can buy a contract for a certain hours of labor.  This is mostly used in computer and networking contracts.

Fully supports group billing so that multiple machines may be billed with one invoice. Proper excess copy charges are calculated for the entire group.

Each contract can have unlimited multiple meters.  Each meter can even be invoiced at a different per click rate.

Be more efficient with easy interface and updates to other modules

The software is designed so that the operator only needs to enter the necessary information one time. The interface system employed makes use of this information throughout the system, thereby saving the operator the time and frustration of entering this information several times in different modules.

Allows the user to assign different General Ledger numbers for base and excess copy charges for each machine and/or by contract type. The base and excess charges may be allocated by percentage for up to five different general ledger departments. This allows for more accurate revenue recognition on your financial statements.

Automatically posts the journal entries to the appropriate general ledger accounts. Here again, no multiple entry is required, saving operator training and processing time.

The system allows the user to define an almost limitless number of contract types. The income and expense from the contracts may be posted to different general ledger accounts, or all posted to the same sales and expense accounts based on the amount of detail desired.

All invoices produced through the contract billing system flow directly into your accounts receivable with automatic posting to your general ledger.

Maintains accessory items delivered with machines. You always know where your inventory is located. If you must pick up the unit, a complete list of accessories is easily displayed or printed to ensure that all equipment is returned. Accessory items may or may not be serialized.

Billing amounts may be posted to the general ledger split into up to five departments. This more accurately recognizes the rental, supply, or service revenue on contracts which include rental or supplies.

Invoice contracts accurately and on-time!

Special messages may be entered with the option to print these on the invoice. These messages may be free-form messages for the operator which do not print, or you may enter the information such as contract terms and allow them to print on each invoice by machine.

The meter call proof list will signal the operator if the date and/or meter reading is less than the previous date and/or meter reading. This will assist in operator efficiency and guard against errors in reporting.

Upon expiration of a contract, the contract is renewed at the current rate for the contract type. This can be performed automatically so you don’t have to worry about missed revenue due to contracts not being renewed.

A request for meter readings can be faxed to the customer.  This helps keep your operators from having to call every customer.

The expiration list will print all contracts due to expire by date or by meter clicks. The expiration list also prints the amount of revenue which would be generated if all contracts are renewed. This report also indicates the percent of usage on the contract, thereby giving action oriented information to management. Contracts which should be upgraded are easily identified.

If no meter reading is available, the system will retrieve the meter reading from the service/dispatch module. This meter reading may be used for billing. If no reading is entered for billing, the system will invoice the base charge.

Import page counts and meter readings from Printfleet, FM Audit, Miracom, Labrador, and other fleet management systems.

Also import from machine emails, manufacturer web sites, or the River Cities Software web interface.

Determine profitability with management reports.

The invoice register contains an analysis report of billings by contract type, billing period, base, and excess charges. This analysis report will help you pinpoint areas where machine and/or contract upgrades should be performed.

A listing of all machines sorted by customer, rate code, or contract type is provided.

Generates a proof list of all machines to be invoiced each month. This report can be printed an any time during the billing period. If a machine has already been invoiced for that billing period, that machine will be excluded from the proof list. A credit check is performed with this report allowing management to better determine account status.

The system will maintain toner usage information for each contract which includes toner.  During order entry for toner, the system will test to see if the customer has received too many toners for the machine.

Revenue can be recognized on your financial statement at time of invoice or a liability can be created and the revenue is spread evenly over the life of the contract.

By using rate tables, it is only necessary to enter a contract type, base charge, and associated excess charges one time.

A copy of the actual contract may be scanned, stored, viewed, and/or printed.