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A voucher cannot be deleted.  However, you can remove the voucher be changing the payable amount to zero.  To change the payable amount to zero, edit the general ledger distribution.  This can be done by selected a general ledger number and change the amount to the desired amount, or by adding a general ledger (including an existing general ledger number) along with the amount to add or subtract to that distribution.

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This is usually caused by a manual check being entered twice and the check register is processed.  Both payments will be made to the voucher.  This can also be caused if a payment was entered for a voucher that is dated before the voucher date for that voucher.

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The is usually caused by requesting a partial payment for the voucher.  The partial payment will create a check request which will be on the next cash requirements report.

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Accounts Receivable (11)

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A customer has a credit (negative invoice) on their account and you want to apply that amount to an outstanding invoice.  This is done with offsetting payments.  Apply a negative payment to the credit and a positive payment to the invoice.


  1. Go to the payments screen where you would normally enter payments.
  2. Select the customer.  This will list their outstanding invoices and will show the credit and any outstanding invoices.
  3. Enter “apply credit” for the check number.
  4. Enter zero for the payment amount.
  5. Check the box on the credit invoice to use the credit.  This will make a negative payment on the credit invoice.
  6. Check the box on in the debit invoice for which the credit is to be applied.
  7. Change the amount in the last column to be a positive amount of the credit.
  8. Save the payment.
  9. Print the payment report and update.

Make sure that the net payment for both invoices is zero.  A negative payment for the credit and a positive payment for the invoice.

If the credit is more than the invoice, edit the payment amount to be the amount you want to apply.  Remember the amount is negative on the credit.

Apply Credit

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BACKGROUND: You sold an item to your customer and it was defective. You need to send a replacement item to the customer and the customer will send the defective item back to you.

The following are the steps to issue a return authorization to your customer and then send the product back to the vendor for credit.

1. You have originally sold the customer a new item and charged the normal price using a new order. You have invoiced the order. This will remove one from your inventory.

2. Enter a new order as a return authorization. This order will stay in the backorders until the item has been returned from the customer. The return authorization number is the order number. Use a negative quantity for the item. The price will be the normal selling price. The quantity will not be allocated to backorder for the inventory item.

3. When you receive the item from the customer, display the return authorization order and invoice. This will add the quantity back into your inventory. This will put a credit on the customer account. Apply the credit using your normal apply credit memo procedures.

4. Issue a purchase order to your vendor for the return of the item. Use a negative quantity. Immediately receive the purchase order quantity. This will remove the item from your inventory. The purchase order will remain on the un-invoiced purchases until you have received notice of the credit from your vendor.

5. When you receive notice of the credit from the vendor, receive the invoice for this order. This will place a credit voucher in the accounts payable system.

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The system does not mark the serial number sold until the order is invoiced.

Display the unsold serial numbers for the model. Enter the customer number, invoice number, invoice date, and price from the invoice. This will manually update the serial numbers as sold.

Add the serial number to the machines for that customer in the service section

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Contract Billing (5)

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1. Create the contract type.

A. Go to Service/Contracts, select Other, then click on  click the “Other” menu and select Contract Types.

B. Select an existing contract type or enter a new contract type in the New Row at the top of the grid.

C. Enter the contract code and the appropriate general ledger numbers.

D. Check the box that says “include supplies”. This indicates that the contract will include supplies.

E. Click the “Coverage” button and set the coverage categories.

2. Set up the supplies that are used for each model machine.

A. Go to Inventory, Other and select Model Supply Cross Reference.

B. Enter each make, model, and supply item. Optionally enter the yield for that supply item. The make is optional. The model MUST be the same as used in the machine master record of service.

C. Each supply item that can be used for that model must be entered. For example, enter the OEM cartridge item number, compatible item number, and remanufactured item number. If the machine is color, you will need to enter each of the color cartridge item numbers.

3. When a customer orders supplies, enter the order as normal using the New Order routines in the Orders/Invoices section of accounts receivable.

A. Select the Contract Supplies tab.

B. Select the machine for which the supply item is to be used. The system will only display the machines with a “supply inclusive” contract. Check the box to select.  The screen will display the supply items associated with that model.

C. Select the item desired. The screen will display each time that supply item was invoiced to the customer.

D. Optionally enter the meter reading or page count if you gather meter readings when an order is entered.

E. Enter the quantity to be delivered.

F. The default price is zero. However, you can enter a price.

G. Click Add to Order.

4. Invoice as normal. The cost of the cartridge is added as a cost of the contract when analyzing the contract using the service manager section.

5. Any inventory used in a service call is done with a work order in the service dispatch system. Cartridges that are delivered are entered as a new order. Even if a tech delivers a cartridge during a service call, it is best to enter as a new order in the accounts receivable system.


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This is done with the group billing feature.

First enter each machine as a new machine master, using Service/Contracts, Machines, New Machine.

Now enter a group record to combine the machines for billing, using Service/Contracts, Contract Billing, Groups by Customer.

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Use the rate tables.

The base or excess invoicing can be split into up to 5 different general ledger numbers.

After the rate table is created, display the machine master or group master and assign the rate table to the meter or group combination.

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Financial Manager (1)

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Go to financial manager, inventory analysis, inventory usage analysis.

Enter the date range desired.

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Installation (3)

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Add the new printer to the windows operating system.

If you cannot add the printer or see it in the list of printers, there is a problem with windows.

Boot to safe mode and see if you can find the printers. Boot normally and see if the printes are there.

If you still cannot find the printers, you may need to reinstall the operating system.

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The main programs have a print screen function under the File menu. To print from other programs do the following.

1. When the screen is displayed, hold the alternate key (ALT) and press the print screen key. This will copy the screen to the windows clipboard.

2. Open word processing or email program. Use the paste button (edit and paste or the ctl-v key) to paste the screen from the clipboard to the document.

3. Print the document from the word processing program or send the email.

This can be done with any screen displayed.

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There are two way to reprint a report.

In the general ledger menu, display the journal entry or transaction.  The report can be reprinted.

Use the reprint reports program from the RCS admin tools program.

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Purchase Order (2)

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You must receive them in different batches.

Receive the first invoice, run the receive invoice report and update.

Now receive the next invoice for the same purchase order, print the report and update.

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The following is a list and description of every bookmark that is
used in the purchase order template

dname Company Name
dadd1 Company Address 1
dadd2 Company Address 2
dadd3 Company Address 3
dadd4 Company Address 4
dadd5 Company Address 5
dcity Company City
dstate Company state/province
dzip Company zip/postal code
dphone Company Phone
dfax Company Fax
ponumber Purchase order number
vend Vendor number
vendname Vendor name
add1 Vendor Address 1
add2 Vendor Address 2
add3 Vendor Address 3
add4 Vendor Address 4
add5 Vendor Address 5
csz Vendor city, state, and zip on one line
shipname Ship To Name
shipadd1 Ship To Address 1
shipadd2 Ship To Address 2
shipadd3 Ship To Address 3
shipadd4 Ship To Address 4
shipadd5 Ship To Address 5
shipcsz Ship To Address city, state, and zip on one line
orderdate Order Date
shipdate Date Required
shipvia How Shipped
terms Terms on the order
account Your account number with the vendor
vendphone Vendor phone number
vendfax Vendor fax number
messages Messages of order
so Accounts receivable order number if a drop ship
custpo Customer purchase order number if a drop ship
custphone Customer phone number if a drop ship

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Sales Prospecting (2)

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Perform the following steps.

1. Create a template.

Go to Sales Prospecting, Email, Manage Email Templates.

2. Go to Sales Prospecting, Lists, Create List to get the list of prospects to email.

Save the list.

3. Make sure your email settings are set.

Go to Sales Prospecting, Other, Options.  Make sure your email address and authentication is entered correctly.

4. Send the emails.

Go to Sales Prospecting, Lists, Send Email To List.

Select the list and the template.

Click start to send your emails.


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Use a prospect task for the sales rep.

Enter the prospect task with the date of the cold call. Use a contact type code to show that this was a cold call.

Check the box to close this call.

Go to Sales Prospecting, Reports, Sales Rep Statistics to print the statistics report.

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Service (7)

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When the call is completed, change the contract type for that service call to a billable contract type. This will only change the contract type for THIS call and will NOT change the service machine master.

The part used should then be added to the invoicing lines.  If not, double click the item in the list of inventory used.  This will add that item to the invoicing list.  Adjust the amount to be invoiced and invoice as normal.

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Go to Service/Contract Billing, Machines,  Display All Machines.

Once the machines are displayed, use the filter row to filter the grid to show only the desired contract type.  View the tutorial on how to use the grid for more information on filtering and grouping techniques.

The filter can also include an asterisk (*) as a wild card.  This can be at the first or last of the filter expression. For example, *TM will filter all contract types that end in TM.

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This is correct.

When a new machine is created in dispatch, the system will default to using the customer tax code. However, the tax code can be changed for this machine master.

If a customer tax code is changed and all the machines are to be changed also, you must display each machine and check the tax code.

If the machine is also in contract billing, you must change the tax code there as well.

Each machine can have a different tax code from each other and from the customer tax code.  The same machine can have one tax code for service calls and another tax code for contract billing purposes.  Each meter that is invoiced for contract billing can even have a different tax code.

Always set the tax code on the service tab as well as the contract tab on the display machine screen.

The query library contains a query to update the tax code for all machines for a customer to the tax code which is on the customer record.

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Service Manager (3)

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This is usually caused by a bad meter reading.

Print a detail service history report for the tech in the date range being analyzed. Look for a negative CBC.  Display the job and correct the CBC.  You may also need to correct the meter readings and/or CBC for the next job for this machine in the service history.


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1. Set the excessive clicks reading in the models serviced table. This will alert the operator when the current click is more than the excessive from the previous click.

2. Set the alerts in the service manager console. This will pop up for the service manage when there is an excessive number of calls (user defined)

3. Print the excessive calls report in the service manager console

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In the service manager console, reports, create survey list.

This will create a list for service calls between two dates. An email, fax, or letter can then be sent from the list.

To send an email, create an email template in the sales prospecting system. Any Word document can be printed or faxed.

An alternative is to send a survey directly upon call completion.  Set this up by going to Service/Contracts, Other, Options.  Select the Email Options tab.  Create or edit your call completed template.

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