What are the available bookmarks for the work order templates?

The following is a list and description of every bookmark that is used in the work order template.

From the customer record

cust Customer number
custn Customer name
add1 Address 1
add2 Address 2
city City
state State/Province
zip Zip/Postal code
custphone Customer phone number
custfax Cusotmer fax number
email Customer email
resale Resale number
salesrep Salesrep of customer
creditcode Credit code of the customer
cust2 Customer number repeat
custn2 Customer name repeat

From the service call record

call1 Call type 1
call2 Call type 2
call3 Call type 3
call4 Call type 4
call5 Call type 5
logcomments Log call comments
priority Log call priority
po Purchase order number
logdate Log date
logtime Log time
tech Tech assigned
job Job number
logmeter Reading when call was placed
orderby Person who placed the service call
takenby Employee who logged the service call
logdate2 Log date repeat
logtime2 Log time repeat
tech2 Tech assigned repeat
job2 Job number repeat

From the service machine record

model Model of machine
serial Serial number of machine
contract Contract type
taxcode Tax code from machine master
lastpmdate Last pm date
lastpmmeter Last pm meter reading
lastdate Last service date
lastmeter Last meter reading
installdate Installation date of the machine
loc1 Machine location 1
loc2 Machine location 2
loc3 Machine location 3
loc4 Machine location 4
loc5 Machine location 5
machphone Machine phone number
machfax Machine fax number
keyop Key operator
terms Customer terms
idnumber Machine id number
ipaddress IP address of the machine
dpcomments Messages from the machine record
idnumber2 Machine id number repeat
expdate Expiration date of the service contract
model2 Model of machine repeat
serial2 Serial number of machine repeat

From the service history

prevjob Previous job number
prevjobcomments Previous job comments
history Last 5 service calls
warranty warranty parts replacement

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