Reviews and Testimonials

We have been using RCS for over three years and love it. It is  user friendly and has so many integrated features that save time and money. Manhal is THE BEST! He is always available and knows the answer to every question we pass his way. I have recommended River Cities Software to others in the past and would not hesitate to recommend it now. We took advantage of is on-site advanced training to see how we could use the software more efficiently and to get the most out of it. Support is just a call or click away.

Bill Core, President, Photocopy

We have used and are still using River Cities Software since 1990. Upgrades are made to keep up with current issues and are implemented with ease. We are very satisfied with the programs and support we receive. We know help is just a phone call, E-mail away if questions arise, these are always answered on a timely basis.

Connie Johnson, President, Athena Business Systems, Inc.

We have been using your software since 2001, and would highly recommend it to anyone for the following reasons:

  1. It’s easy to operate – we highly recommend the palm dispatch program! Since we have been using the palm dispatch program – one of our secretaries has left and there was no need to replace her.  It’s a huge time saver, and very easy to use.

  2. Great Support – we use to operate off a manual system, and the team at River Cities Software helped make computerizing our company an easy transition!

  3. Custom Software – the team at River Cities Software will customize programs as needed.

  4. Rapid Response – If you need assistance Manhal & Liz do a great job by calling you back quickly.

  5. Saving Money – we have saved over $25,000.00 a year by switching over to River Cities Software!

Robin Rocchio Murdono, Treasurer, Duplicating Consultants, Inc.

The windows version of RCS software we are using is extremely easy to use.  The modules are all easy to understand and learn, but, if we ever have a problem RCS has always been receptive to our questions and quick with an answer.  We would recommend River Cities Software to anyone who is looking for reliable and profitable dispatch software.

Matt Miller, Service Manager, Wahl Business Solutions

We have been using this software for over ten years.  It has helped us maintain close inventory controls, eliminate the need for an outside accountant, and payroll services.

Support and customization have always been readily available, and with the use of the internet, updates are a breeze.

When we attend our annual business conventions we view what the other software vendors have to offer and are convinced that we are still using the best software available for our business.

Detlef Breymann, President, Mars Office Services Inc.

I used River Cities COPE software for ten years.  It is, by far, the best software I have had the opportunity to use.  Being in the office machine industry, the things that are important to me are quick access to information, reports that are helpful and have the details I need, and time saving applications.  It has wonderful service dispatch and purchase order modules.

I have also used QuickBooks and OMD.  QuickBooks takes forever to generate any type of report and is not customized for any real service dispatching.  OMD is very cumbersome to navigate in and is not forgiving if you make an error.  It takes too many steps in both to get anything done.  I was not impressed with their reports or with the format the reports printed in.  You really can tell the difference between other software and River Cities Software.

The River Cities staff have quick response time.  They also take suggestions from their many clients when designing upgrades to the software.  They are knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.

I highly recommend River Cities Software and its staff.

Danette Mendoza, Controller, Anlyn Systems

1.  Personalized service
2.  Will customize for your company
3.  Quick response time
4.  Full service program.  All modules inter-relate and “talk to each other”
5.  Up to date upgrades and modifications

Jack Stargel, President, Stargel Office Systems Inc.