Interface with Quickbooks ®

River Cities Software packages are written with the industry leading dot net languages and use Microsoft SQL Server for the database.  You are not limited only to the available programmed reporting.  Data is transportable to and from Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word.  Click on each package for more information.

Service Department

The service package includes the following features for managed print services:

  • Service department management including dispatching techs, completing calls, 3rd party service calls, technician car stock, and detailed service histories by customer and serial number.
  • Inventory used for service calls is updated to Quickbooks®.
  • Service department Snapshots, Dashboards, and Analysis to give you instant information about your service department.
  • Contract billing for copy clicks and page counts which can be combined in any combination, multiple meters, meter requests by fax or email, and customer summary reports which can be exported to Excel for your customers.  Invoices are updated to Quickbooks®.
  • Street level mapping for customer and machine lookup and business intelligence analysis.
  • Text messaging for instant communication with your technicians.  Messages can be sent both in free form or service call information format.
  • Sales Prospecting and Team Management including sales campaigns, statistics, email newsletters, forecasting, and sales funnel management.

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 Loyalty/Frequent Buyer

  • Increase your brand awareness among your customers.
  • It costs as much as 5 times more to find new customers than to keep a current customer.  Give your customers another reason to keep coming back to you.
  • Reward your most loyal customers.  Give them something they want in return for their continued business.
  • Target marketing efforts using your customers’ purchases and purchasing patterns.
  • Your competitors such as Staples and Office Depot are rewarding their customers, you should also.

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The Manufacturing package includes the following features:

  • Manufacturing, remanufacturing, and refurbishing management including detail cost analysis for finished goods with labor and components.
  • Manufacturing analysis of technician time.
  • Defect analysis by type of defect, finished good item, technician, component vendor, and customer.
  • Maintain component and core inventory stock.
  • Finished goods are placed into Quickbooks® for sale to your customers.
  • Purchase Order with alternate supplier part numbers and stock management
  • Bar Coding for inventory count management of your components and finished goods
  • Finished good needs forecasting with production sheets and calendar
  • Empties and core purchasing.  Issue a credit to the customer’s account.

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 Customer Web Interface

The customer web interface includes the following features:

  • Place service calls for equipment and view service history on their machines
  • Enter meter readings and page counts for their machines
  • View trouble shooting and FAQ’s for their machines

All this is entered directly into your database automatically without the need for employee data entry.  The customer web interface includes the source code so you can customize the look and feel of the web site.  The web site can even be hosted remotely by an ISP and still have your customer requests updated directly into your database.

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 Technician Web Interface

The technician web interface includes the following features:

  • Complete service calls
  • Dispatch service calls
  • View and transfer technician car stock
  • View inventory counts and inventory prices
  • Email invoices directly to your customer after completion of the service
  • View service history on a machine
  • Street map viewing of equipment location

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The technician web interface can be used both with a full browser (desktop or laptop), smart phone, or PDA.  The web interface includes the source code so you can customize the look and feel of the web site.  The technician web site must be hosted on the same network as your business data.

 Salesrep Web Interface

The salesrep web interface includes the following features:

  • Add/Edit/View Prospects
  • Add/Edit/View Appointments
  • Add/Edit/View Prospect Tasks
  • Manage Opportunities
  • Lost Sales Management
  • View all prospect information
  • Street map viewing of prospect location

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