Support Services

Software Support

Customer Software Support consists of reasonable telephone support, Internet support, fax support, and software maintenance during normal River Cities Software business hours, as defined in the RCS Software Support Agreement.  All future updates to the existing major release of the software are also included in the software support agreement.

If an end user is not currently under software support contract, telephone support may be provided at the current RCS per incident rates (Other forms of support may be provided at the sole discretion of River Cities Software and at fees quoted at the time of call). The Software Support Agreement covers only the software modules manufactured by River Cities Software.  Only the manufacturer’s warranty applies to hardware and other third party software products purchased through River Cities Software. River Cities Software makes no warranty on its products other than those contained in the End User License Agreement.


River Cities Software Standard Training for the efficient operation and maintenance of the RCS software and hardware is offered at various use phases. Training sessions are normally conducted via the Internet.

Initial Training consists of instructions on how to load your existing business data and must be scheduled within thirty (30) days of license and installation.   Most users are able to utilize telephone consultation with RCS combined with the software “Help” screens and Tutorials to achieve this phase of training.

After your staff completes loading your initial data, Advanced Training is offered to introduce the RCS system to your employees. Advanced Training consists of checking all of the Master Files for accuracy, instructing your staff in basic system processing, addressing your questions, and instruction on some of the more advanced functions of the RCS system.

Training times, negotiable, will normally be between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM, your local time. Training sessions must be scheduled in advance with the River Cities Software Training Coordinator.

Internet Training is available at River Cities Software current published hourly training rates.

On site training is available at the River Cities Software current published daily training rates plus travel expenses.

Program Updates

Each of the software packages can be updated from within the software package.  Click the Help menu and select Check For Updates.  You must be under a current support agreement to receive program updates.

Knowledge Base (FAQs)

The Knowledge Base (FAQ) contains answers to typical questions.  You must be under a current support agreement to review the knowledge base.

Click here to go to the knowledge base.

Training Videos

Training videos are short (5 to 10 minutes) screen captures showing how to do the normal daily processing in the RCS system.   You must be under a current support agreement to view the training videos.

Click here to view the training videos.

Query Library

The query library is used to query your database and get information that is not part of the already programmed reports.  Queries are suggested by you, our clients.  Query creation is included as part of the the software support agreement.  If we feel the query can by used by other clients, that query is added to the query library. Queries can be created, imported, and processed in the Administrator Tools.  You can also give permission for other users to run specific queries.   You must be under a current support agreement to use the query library.

Click here to use the query library.

Pay Invoice

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