Program Changes January to March 2015

These are the program changes from January to March 2015. Accounts Receivable Reprint Invoices now has the option for a range of invoice numbers also.  The desired invoices to be printed must meet the customer and invoice number ranges. Display order now has the option to change the customer number for the order.  Click the […]

Program Changes December 2014

These are the program changes from September 2014 to December 2014. Sales Prospecting If the salesrep does not have backdate permission, then those reps cannot enter an appointment or prospect task more than 7 days in the past. The manage opportunities list now has the option to print or export. You can now save and […]

Program Changes August 2014

These are the program changes for August, 2014 Service You can now easily put the car stock for a technician back on the shelf.  Display the technicians.  Select the desired tech.  Click the button at the top of the screen to Add Car Stock Back To Shelf.  The screen will prompt to delete the car […]

Program Changes May 2014

These are the program changes for May, 2014 Inventory The inventory search screen now shows the OEM Item number. Accounts Receivable During order entry, there is a message displayed if the customer has a credit invoice on their account. When emailing a copy of an invoice, the email now has the option to include a […]

Program Changes April 2014

These are the program changes April 2014 Contract Billing The call sheet now has the option to NOT include a meter when there is already a current reading for the meter.  This is useful for groups to not send a second request for that meter when the first request has been answered by your customer, […]

Program Changes March 2014

The following program changes have been made during March 2014. Service The machine record can now have two techs assigned.  When logging calls, both tech can be displayed. When logging a service call, and the call is on credit hold, the system will automatically stop the clock for response time. Complete IT service calls will […]

Split Voucher into Multiple Payments

You can now split a voucher into multiple payments.  This will create a new voucher for each additional payment. Display the voucher and click the Split button on the 2nd toolstrip at the top of the page.  A pop up will be displayed on the lower part of the screen on top of the GL […]

Separate Invoice for Each Meter of a Machine

In contract billing, you can now have a separate invoice for each meter of the machine.   For example, the customer would like the base charge and the black excess charge to be on separate invoices. Display the machine and select the contract tab.   Check the box for Each Meter Separate Invoice.  This is located about […]

Import Items from Excel or Separated Value Files

Items can now be imported from a separated value (comma, tab, semicolon, etc) file or from an excel spreadsheet. If the item does not already exist in your inventory database, that item will be added. If the item exists, then the information for the item will be updated. This routine can be used to add […]