Program Changes May 2014

These are the program changes for May, 2014


  • The inventory search screen now shows the OEM Item number.

Accounts Receivable

  • During order entry, there is a message displayed if the customer has a credit invoice on their account.
  • When emailing a copy of an invoice, the email now has the option to include a read receipt request.
  • You can now track the lead source for new orders. The lead source and second lead source can now be entered during the new order.  This is done on the order tab.
  • Invoices already updated can have the lead source changed.

Sales Prospecting

  • The lead source codes can only be changed by a manager.  When entering the new opportunity, the codes can be set.  But a manager is required for later change.
  • Import emails from Outlook will no longer remove the emails from Outlook.  When importing, the system will verify if the email as previously been imported and not import that email twice.
  • The add prospect task screen now shows the title of the contacts.


  • Travel charges now have the option to be taxed or not taxed.  Any zone charges on the machine master are deemed travel charges.  Any service type added during the complete call screen with the word TRAVEL is deemed a travel charge.  The Service Options screen has a new check box on the first tab to tax travel.  If travel is taxed in your locality, make sure to set this option.

Service Manager

  • The survey list now has the option to only select calls that have a specific service type.  For example, send a survey to all service calls in the date range, or only service calls that had a preventative maintenance performed or an installation.
  • The technician revenue analysis report now has a column for the amount of labor invoiced to the customer.

Financial Manager

  • The invoice analysis report now lists the lead source and second lead source. This will allow you to group and filter to analyze invoices by lead source.


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