What are the available bookmarks for statement templates.

The following is a list and description of every bookmark that is used in the statement template

dname Company Name
dadd1 Company Address 1
dadd2 Company Address 2
dadd3 Company Address 3
dadd4 Company Address 4
dadd5 Company Address 5
dcity Company City
dstate Company State/Province
dzip Company Zip/Postal Code
dcsz Company City, State, Zip on one line
dphone Company Phone
dfax Company Fax
cust Customer Number
custn Customer Name
add1 Customer Address 1
add2 Customer Address 2
add3 Customer Address 3
add4 Customer Address 4
add5 Customer Address 5
csz Customer City, State, Zip on one line
shipcustn Ship To Customer Name
shipadd1 Ship To Customer Address 1
shipadd2 Ship To Customer Address 2
shipadd3 Ship To Customer Address 3
shipadd4 Ship To Customer Address 4
shipadd5 Ship To Customer Address 5
shipcsz Ship To Customer City, State, Zip on one line
date Statement Date
email email address of customer
phone phone number of customer
fax fax number of customer
messages Statement Messages

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