How do I set up cost per page or cost per click contracts?

1. Create the contract type.

A. Go to Service/Contracts, select Other, then click on  click the “Other” menu and select Contract Types.

B. Select an existing contract type or enter a new contract type in the New Row at the top of the grid.

C. Enter the contract code and the appropriate general ledger numbers.

D. Check the box that says “include supplies”. This indicates that the contract will include supplies.

E. Click the “Coverage” button and set the coverage categories.

2. Set up the supplies that are used for each model machine.

A. Go to Inventory, Other and select Model Supply Cross Reference.

B. Enter each make, model, and supply item. Optionally enter the yield for that supply item. The make is optional. The model MUST be the same as used in the machine master record of service.

C. Each supply item that can be used for that model must be entered. For example, enter the OEM cartridge item number, compatible item number, and remanufactured item number. If the machine is color, you will need to enter each of the color cartridge item numbers.

3. When a customer orders supplies, enter the order as normal using the New Order routines in the Orders/Invoices section of accounts receivable.

A. Select the Contract Supplies tab.

B. Select the machine for which the supply item is to be used. The system will only display the machines with a “supply inclusive” contract. Check the box to select.  The screen will display the supply items associated with that model.

C. Select the item desired. The screen will display each time that supply item was invoiced to the customer.

D. Optionally enter the meter reading or page count if you gather meter readings when an order is entered.

E. Enter the quantity to be delivered.

F. The default price is zero. However, you can enter a price.

G. Click Add to Order.

4. Invoice as normal. The cost of the cartridge is added as a cost of the contract when analyzing the contract using the service manager section.

5. Any inventory used in a service call is done with a work order in the service dispatch system. Cartridges that are delivered are entered as a new order. Even if a tech delivers a cartridge during a service call, it is best to enter as a new order in the accounts receivable system.


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