How do you split the revenue from contract billing invoices into more than one general ledger number.

Use the rate tables. The base or excess invoicing can be split into up to 5 different general ledger numbers. After the rate table is created, display the machine master or group master and assign the rate table to the meter or group combination.

How do you put multiple machines on one invoice.

This is done with the group billing feature. First enter each machine as a new machine master, using Service/Contracts, Machines, New Machine. Now enter a group record to combine the machines for billing, using Service/Contracts, Contract Billing, Groups by Customer.

How do I set up cost per page or cost per click contracts?

1. Create the contract type. A. Go to Service/Contracts, select Other, then click on  click the “Other” menu and select Contract Types. B. Select an existing contract type or enter a new contract type in the New Row at the top of the grid. C. Enter the contract code and the appropriate general ledger numbers. […]