Broker and Empties Core Management

The broker and empties system allows you to easily purchase empties and cores and/or start those cores in your remanufacturing process.

Purchase and/or receive empties or cores from your customers.

Pickup orders can be scheduled and include each type of core previously received from the customer for faster receiving.

Add cores during the receiving process.

The price that has previously paid for cores is displayed so you do not pay too much for the cores.

The payment can be sent as a check to your customer or placed on the customer account as a credit.

The payment can be donated to a school or charity, either by payment or on account of the charity or school.

Empties/cores can be updated to inventory stock for later resale.

Empties and cores can be immediately placed into the remanufacturing production line.

Manage the empty purchase process.

Print pickup labels to be sent to your customer.

Print a donation statement for your customers.  This allows them to easily calculate any charitable contribution on their tax returns.

Print a receipt for your customer that can be included with the payment.

Search for the customers that have previously provided empties by type.  If you need empties for your remanufacturing, these customers should have them.

Special prices for certain customers can be entered so that you pay the negotiated price of the customer for empties purchases.