Managing your manufacturing, remanufacturing, and/or refurbishing operation can be done by piece, pieces, or an assembly line.

Build your Manufactured, remanufactured, and refurbished finished goods from components.

Maintain component inventory and finished goods inventory.  The system will create your finished goods and manufactured items from your component inventory.  This maintains proper unit cost amounts for the manufactured goods.  The manufactured items are then placed into the inventory system for sale to your customers.

The manufactured and created goods can be serialized.

The bill of materials for each finished goods item can be easily added to production.  When remanufacturing or refurbishing, only the components used need to be added to the job.

Analyze production, by technician, finished goods item, components used, or vendor where you purchased the components.  This can include component cost as well as technician time.  Compare production between two date ranges.

Quickly view assembly line status.  Analyze line status to determine how much time is necessary for each step of the manufacturing process.  Identify time slow downs on the assembly line.

Package the finished goods in your packaging or any other packaging.  The packaging job allows you to private label the finished goods and even drop ship them for your customers.

Print production sheets for your techs. Quantity to be manufactured is determined by minimum and maximum quantities set for each finished good item.  Also the number of items that are on backorder from the accounts receivable system is added to the quantity to be made.

Defect and production tracking to help maintain the quality of your finished goods.

Track defects by finished goods items, tech, component, and/or vendor.

Each batch of created goods can list the origin of each component.

Track any defects or yield information back to the vendor from whom you purchased the components.

Proactively service and maintain your relationship with your customers. Print a list that can be used to email notification to your customers regarding any known defects.