The tax code is not changed on dispatch machine masters when the customer tax code is changed in accounts receivable.

This is correct.

When a new machine is created in dispatch, the system will default to using the customer tax code. However, the tax code can be changed for this machine master.

If a customer tax code is changed and all the machines are to be changed also, you must display each machine and check the tax code.

If the machine is also in contract billing, you must change the tax code there as well.

Each machine can have a different tax code from each other and from the customer tax code.  The same machine can have one tax code for service calls and another tax code for contract billing purposes.  Each meter that is invoiced for contract billing can even have a different tax code.

Always set the tax code on the service tab as well as the contract tab on the display machine screen.

The query library contains a query to update the tax code for all machines for a customer to the tax code which is on the customer record.

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