The wrong amount was entered for a payment to a customer account or the payment was entered to the wrong account.

1. If the daily report for payments has not been updated

a. Go into the payments screen again if you have closed that screen without updating.
b. Select the bad payment line in the list of payments. Press your delete key on the keyboard.
c. Enter the payment correctly.

2. The daily report for payments has been updated.

a. You can only make an offsetting (negative) cash receipt.
b. During the payment, click the VIEW PAID INVOICES button to display the invoices already paid.
c. Enter a negative payment to undo the original payment.

3. The invoice is not in current invoices for the customer, but is in history invoices (the month has been closed)

a. Enter a new invoice by going to orders/invoices, beginning balances.
b. Enter a positive amount of the incorrect payment in the amount box.
c. Enter the invoice number with a suffix such as 12345A.
d. Make a journal entry debiting accounts receivable and debiting cash.

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