How do I apply a credit on the customer’s account to an invoice?

A customer has a credit (negative invoice) on their account and you want to apply that amount to an outstanding invoice.  This is done with offsetting payments.  Apply a negative payment to the credit and a positive payment to the invoice.   Go to the payments screen where you would normally enter payments. Select the […]

How to apply an invoice in accounts receivable to a vendor in accounts payable.

You can invoice national accounts to the manufacturer. This will create an invoice to the manufacturer in accounts receivable. They will normally issue a credit to your account which needs to be used in accounts payable. You could also have an invoice in accounts receivable that you trade out with a voucher in accounts payable. […]

The wrong amount was entered for a payment to a customer account or the payment was entered to the wrong account.

1. If the daily report for payments has not been updated a. Go into the payments screen again if you have closed that screen without updating. b. Select the bad payment line in the list of payments. Press your delete key on the keyboard. c. Enter the payment correctly. 2. The daily report for payments […]