How to invoice a customer for a part used when the customer is under a service contract.

When the call is completed, change the contract type for that service call to a billable contract type. This will only change the contract type for THIS call and will NOT change the service machine master. The part used should then be added to the invoicing lines.  If not, double click the item in the […]

Pick Tickets do not print.

Make sure that the pick ticket program is running.  Start the program on the station if it is not running.

Entering an order for supplies under contract, the machine does not show on the list of machines for the customer.

That machine in not in the service dispatch system or the machine has the wrong contract type listed. The list of machines with supplies under contract comes from the machines for the customer that have a contract type that includes supplies.

Entering an order for supplies under contract, the supply item does not show on the list of supplies for that model of machine.

The item is not in the look up tables. Go to Inventory, Other, Model Supply Cross Reference. The item is not listed for that model. Add any missing supply items.

We entered the same serial number twice on an invoice.

The system does not mark the serial number sold until the order is invoiced. Display the unsold serial numbers for the model. Enter the customer number, invoice number, invoice date, and price from the invoice. This will manually update the serial numbers as sold. Add the serial number to the machines for that customer in […]

How do I enter a return authorization to our customer and credit from our vendor?

BACKGROUND: You sold an item to your customer and it was defective. You need to send a replacement item to the customer and the customer will send the defective item back to you. The following are the steps to issue a return authorization to your customer and then send the product back to the vendor […]