I did not get a printout of a report and the report has already been updated.

There are two way to reprint a report. In the general ledger menu, display the journal entry or transaction.  The report can be reprinted. Use the reprint reports program from the RCS admin tools program.

How do I print a screen when not in the main RCS programs?

The main programs have a print screen function under the File menu. To print from other programs do the following. 1. When the screen is displayed, hold the alternate key (ALT) and press the print screen key. This will copy the screen to the windows clipboard. 2. Open word processing or email program. Use the […]

I Cannot see any printers when trying to select the printer.

Add the new printer to the windows operating system. If you cannot add the printer or see it in the list of printers, there is a problem with windows. Boot to safe mode and see if you can find the printers. Boot normally and see if the printes are there. If you still cannot find […]