How do you track the number of cold calls for a sales rep?

Use a prospect task for the sales rep. Enter the prospect task with the date of the cold call. Use a contact type code to show that this was a cold call. Check the box to close this call. Go to Sales Prospecting, Reports, Sales Rep Statistics to print the statistics report.

I did not get a printout of a report and the report has already been updated.

There are two way to reprint a report. In the general ledger menu, display the journal entry or transaction.  The report can be reprinted. Use the reprint reports program from the RCS admin tools program.

How do I get a list of items sold in a date range by category?

Go to financial manager, inventory analysis, inventory usage analysis. Enter the date range desired.

The technician analysis report shows negative clicks between calls.

This is usually caused by a bad meter reading. Print a detail service history report for the tech in the date range being analyzed. Look for a negative CBC.  Display the job and correct the CBC.  You may also need to correct the meter readings and/or CBC for the next job for this machine in […]

Some machines did not print on the readings call sheet.

Check, are the expiration date of the contract, bill day, frequency, and whether this machine has a meter. All of these also determine when a machine is to print on the meter call sheet.  Is it proper month for the machine or group to be invoiced.  

A vendor does not appear on the cash requirements and we do owe them money.

The last step of the cash requirements report is to not pay a negative check. If the credits being used are more than the vouchers selected to be paid, this would result in a negative check. The cash requirements report will not select any vouchers for the vendor in this scenario.

There are vouchers on the cash requirements report and they should not be printing

The is usually caused by requesting a partial payment for the voucher.  The partial payment will create a check request which will be on the next cash requirements report.

The accounts payable aging report shows negative amounts

This is usually caused by a manual check being entered twice and the check register is processed.  Both payments will be made to the voucher.  This can also be caused if a payment was entered for a voucher that is dated before the voucher date for that voucher.