How do I send a survey to customers after service calls?

In the service manager console, reports, create survey list. This will create a list for service calls between two dates. An email, fax, or letter can then be sent from the list. To send an email, create an email template in the sales prospecting system. Any Word document can be printed or faxed. An alternative […]

How do I find excessive calls on a machine?

1. Set the excessive clicks reading in the models serviced table. This will alert the operator when the current click is more than the excessive from the previous click. 2. Set the alerts in the service manager console. This will pop up for the service manage when there is an excessive number of calls (user […]

What determines a call back?

Call backs are determine first by the definition of call back (days and/or clicks) in the models serviced table. If the call is over either the days or clicks, it cannot be a call back.  

The system is billing for some parts or labor and the items should not be billable to this customer.

The contract type is not set up properly. Display the machine master to find the contract type. Go to Service/Contract Billing, Other, Contract Types. Double click on the contract type. Look at the coverage information which is located on the right hand side of the screen. Verify that the category of the inventory item or […]

How to automatically create a list of PM (preventative maintenance) calls for machines.

The system uses the pm months and/or clicks from the models serviced table. This can be overridden at the machine level by setting the pm months and/or clicks on the machine master. When a service call is completed, and the PM service type is used, the system will update the date and reading of the […]